Mooch Daily Budget

Track your daily spending and expense categories.

💛Prep: 5min | Style: Daily Budgeting | Manual

🔗Link: Google sheets version - *Make a copy to edit*

🎥TikTok tutorial video:

A lot of us want to save money but have no idea where to start. The first step is to track your spending and see if you are over or under spending each day. This is a great google sheet that is designed to help you visualize what your income and expenses look like every day. From here you can adjust your spending habits to be smarter and put money in the right places. And I hope everyone can stay positive at the end of each month!

Does budgeting feels like a lot of work? Our app does this for you automatically.

It takes about 2 minutes to set up. You get monthly rewards for each bill and savings goal you set up (yes it's an app that pays you to budget). And best of all it's free.

3 Steps:

Step 1. Enter your monthly income

Step one of using our tracker that shows monthly income, total expenses, and leftover income with green highlighting for color coding

Step 2. Enter your daily expenses with Date, Category, Spent, and Note

Daily expenses that are entered with columns for date, category, money spent and a note for what the expense was

Step 3. Make sure "Left Over" is green at the end of the month

A color coded pie graph showing a model budget breakdown of food, subscriptions, housing and other expenses

Need more help?

You can always refer back to our tiktok or reach me at anytime. Or if you prefer, I highly recommend our app that does this for you for free.

Who are we?

We're a small team based in the US building a free budgeting app. Our mission is to help people worry less about their money and spending. And helping you achieve your money goals. You can follow our journey on social media here.

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