Mooch 50/30/20 Budget

Track your spending and manage it better with this template.

💛Prep: 5min | Style: Monthly Budgeting | Manual

🔗Link: Google sheets version - *Make a copy to edit*

🎥TikTok tutorial video:

We often get a paycheck and then spend it all without thinking about where it all goes. The first step is to track your spending and see where money is going. This is a great google sheet that follows the 50/30/20 rule to help you manage your money effectively and simply. The basic rule of thumb is 50% for needs, 30% for wants, and 20% for savings or paying off debt. From here you can adjust your spending habits to be smarter and put money in the right places!

Does budgeting feels like a lot of work? Our app does this for you automatically.

It takes about 2 minutes to set up. You get monthly rewards for each bill and savings goal you set up (yes it's an app that pays you to budget). And best of all it's free.

3 Steps:

Step 1. Enter your monthly income

Step 2. Enter your daily expenses with Date, Expense, Amount and Category

Step 3. Try to get closer to 50/30/20 (50% Needs, 30% Wants, 20% Savings)

Need more help?

You can always refer back to our tiktok or reach me at anytime. Or if you prefer, I highly recommend our app that does this for you for free.

Who are we?

We're a small team based in the US building a free budgeting app. Our mission is to help people worry less about their money and spending. And helping you achieve your money goals. You can follow our journey on social media here.

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