We Changed Our Name!

Key Takeaways



App that automates your monthly rewards and allows you to earn rewards


Our new social media handles on instagram, tiktok, twitter, and more


Mooch is part of Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

We are writing to you from our living rooms, bed rooms, kitchens etc. We changed our name from Kanbee to Mooch!

According to Urban Dictionary, a mooch means someone who gets free stuff for nothing. That’s how we believe budgeting should be. Mooch is world's first budgeting app that pays you to budget. You’ve worked hard for your money and now it’s time for your money to work for you!


  • App available to download this month (free)
  • We updated our social media handles to @amoochlife
  • We’ll be at Berkeley campus for career fair and demo day (more on this soon)

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