Mooch in the News: Real Talk with Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

Key Takeaways


Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

The leading blockchain startup accelerator, managed by Blockchain at Berkeley, Berkeley Haas, and Berkeley Engineering


Decentralized finance (DeFi) designed and created apart from the traditional financial system without relying on intermediaries

Luke Kim

Advisor at Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

We sat down with Luke Kim for the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator podcast! Our very own founder and CEO Richard Velasquez spoke with Luke about all things Mooch and how we're building the best free budgeting app on the market. Listen & learn about everything from why you should care about DeFi, to Ricky’s personal journey, to Mooch’s major success on TikTok.

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator Summary:

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator incubates crypto-economics and blockchain technology use cases at the University of California, Berkeley. This series amplifies authentic voices and spreads information with integrity. This industry has world-changing implications for the better, however, it is fraught with misinformation and speculation spurred by pay-to-play marketing. As a public university, we do not engage in shilling projects nor reaping material benefits through our work. We believe in supporting the growth of commerce and discovery.

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