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Our app that pays you to budget

Kevin Jiang

Co-founder at Mooch and creator of personal finance videos on TikTok

Self-driving Budgets

The automated experience people get by budgeting on Mooch

We were over the moon to be featured in Market Watch today! Our press release was also featured in:

Read the article below:

"Mooch is out to redefine the way people control their finances and save money after unveiling an automatic budgeting app for bills, expenses, and savings using digital envelopes that earn cash back on blockchain/ Decentralized Finance.

Entrepreneur Kevin Jiang, best known for his viral TikTok videos on personal finance, co-founded Mooch, touted as the budgeting and banking app for the future. It is a free app that builds a budget for users and automatically saves money for their bills and savings goals every month.  

By automating the tediousness of setting, tracking, and maintaining the budget, Mooch, a fintech startup, makes managing money one less thing to worry about, without the need for spreadsheets.  

'Not only is the app totally free to use, it actually pays you bonuses or cash back for paying your bills on time and for saving money. The new service dubbed “self-driving budgets" is currently in beta testing and has already gotten thousands of downloads over a short period of time, with thousands more on the waitlist,' explains Kevin.

Based on an individual’s lifestyle, income, and comfort level, Mooch automatically transfers a set amount of money from their bank account to and from their bills and savings envelopes and handles all the work of management, math, and headache. Once the goals and envelopes have been completed, Mooch pays users a bonus as an incentive for staying on track.

The innovative app is a fresh take on financial services, gaining lots of traction for its phenomenal content on TikTok and across other social media platforms.

'Mooch was built to save individuals time and achieve their money goals. It saves for their dream purchases and goals. They can relax and unwind knowing they’re always on track,' adds Kevin.

Mooch, which has so far amassed more than four million likes on video-focused social networking service Tiktok, has led the charge in bringing short videos related to financial advice, providing much-needed budget tips, personal finance tips, and budget hacks to users on the platform.

The Mooch app builds a budget plan for you and then automates your budget so sticking to your financial goals is effortless. Mooch, which only takes about two minutes to set up, serves as a free app that helps users save money and become debt-free.

Mooch is composed of a small team based in the United States. It is on a mission to help people worry less about their money and spending as well as help them achieve their money goals.

Mooch believes that the best version of the world is a place where everyone has the opportunity to build, create, love, and experience the things that bring them joy and fulfillment. Mooch is out to unlock this world by removing the unfair barriers of the financial system.

Those who want to learn more about Mooch founders’ latest venture and the entire list of features offered by the automated budgeting app may visit the website for more information."

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