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Automate your budget with the Mooch app and earn rewards

Personal Finances

Set up your personal finances and goals once. And it's automated every month.


If you stick to a budget, you get rewarded for it

We started Mooch because budgeting is hard and requires a crazy amount of determination to stick to. With Mooch, all you have to do is (1) tell us when you're paid (2) set up your budget envelopes once and (3) we automate your budget every month.

You don't need to be a money expert to be good with money.

We aren't naturally good with money and modern life can make it harder. A key theme we've noticed is we all want financial freedom but are overwhelmed by the wide range of financial advice, apps, and advisors out there. It's difficult to know where to start.

With Mooch, you set up your personal finances and goals once. And it's automated every month.

We're building more than an app, but the mooch life. A platform where stress is removed from money. And you receive answers to your money questions with our free guides that are easy and quick to read.

A quick snippet into Mooch:

🏡 Expenses

Mooch uses the envelope budgeting method. Basically when you get paid, money will automatically move into your Mooch envelopes for rent, student loans, electric, or any bills you want to set up. And when your bills are due we return the money back to you.

📈 Savings

Same as expenses, we automatically save money for your goals from your paycheck. Tell us your goals (like saving for a car or house) and we automatically set aside money for those goals in your envelopes.

💰 Get Paid

The cherry on top is we pay you bonuses for every envelope you create. If you stick to a budget, you should be rewarded for it.

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