Automate Your Personal Finances

Take the stress out of managing your personal finances. Quickly automate your budget, shopping, and savings all in one app.

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Automate Your Finances

Generate a budget plan in 2 minutes based on your financial goals. Automatically set aside money on payday for budgeting, shopping, and savings goals.

Automate Budgeting and Saving

Earn Rewards every time you Shop and Save

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We put your bills on autopilot. Money for bills and recurring expenses is set aside on payday. Like rent, loans, car payment, and groceries.


Automate saving up for travel, emergency fund, or a wedding! We make saving for goals easy by automatically setting aside money towards your savings goals.


Earn cash back when you pay bills, shop, and save in Mooch!

Mooch Guides

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Housing Cost Calculator

Use our calculator to figure out how much house you can afford based on your salary.

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Debt Pay Off Guide

Find out how to pay off loans faster with this template.

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Mini Budget Sheet

Visualize your monthly spending and saving habits.

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This app is awesome!! I haven't budgeted for years and Mooch is actually making it fun.

Sharon T.

San Diego, CA

The best FREE budgeting app, period.

Matthew S.

Miami, FL

I’m pretty bad at managing my spending habits and savings. I love the auto budget idea!

Eric N.

New York, NY

It helps me stay disciplined without a lot of effort.  And I get paid to budget at the same time.

Amanda P.

Austin, TX

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